If you are considering divorce, Atlanta family law attorney Nishit Patel has the knowledge and skill to address all your concerns and guide you through the process. With more than 15 years of experience in family law matters, Nishit provides his clients compassionate support and highly effective counsel in Georgia divorce cases.

Experience and Approach

Nishit Patel established his own law firm to focus on providing personalized service and support to individuals facing family law issues, including divorce. Nishit’s extensive experience with divorce cases provides him with insightful understanding and compassion for the emotional difficulties and stress that the process presents for clients.

Every marriage has unique circumstances that must be taken into account throughout the divorce process. From the beginning of representation, Nishit takes the time to understand the client’s situation in detail. He identifies every concern and need of the client before discussing options and strategies for proceeding. Throughout the whole process, he maintains close communication with the client to provide support and reassurance and answer questions as they arise.

Nishit’s substantial background enables him to help the client navigate seamlessly through the process. He always makes certain that the client fully understands their legal rights before making an informed decision on an issue. Whenever possible, Nishit resolves issues efficiently and effectively without needless conflict and stress. But if protecting his client’s interests requires going to court, he advocates fiercely and aggressively to safeguard the client’s interests.

Nishit is passionate about providing each client with the individualized attention and service they need and deserve. He draws on the full range of his experience to guide the client through every issue with meticulous care, providing sound advice and counsel throughout the entire process.

Divorce in Georgia

To be eligible to file for divorce in Georgia, one of the parties must reside in the state for at least six months before filing. The complaint must state one of 13 possible grounds (reasons) for the court to grant the divorce. The most common reason is that the marriage is irretrievably broken, which is sometimes referred to as no-fault divorce.

A group of complex state laws govern divorce in Georgia. The process involves much more than simply getting a court order that ends a marriage. Specific issues relating to property division, child custody, child support, and alimony must be resolved either by the two parties or by the court before the spouses can obtain a divorce decree. Separate statutes govern the individual issues.

The divorce process also involves complicated paperwork and detailed steps that must be followed. While Georgia law does not require you to have legal representation in a divorce proceeding, undertaking a divorce without help from a lawyer has significant risks. Mistakes or omissions in the paperwork can create problems that are extremely time-consuming and difficult to resolve. You also can unintentionally give up or compromise important rights you have under Georgia law.

If you consider filing for divorce or face a divorce complaint filed by your spouse, it’s essential to talk with a knowledgeable divorce attorney before deciding how to proceed.

Navigating Issues in a Divorce

Division of property and issues relating to children are matters that often cause disagreements between spouses pursuing a divorce. Reaching an agreement on these issues through settlement discussions or mediation is far better than having a court decide the issues for you.

To get the best possible result in a divorce settlement, you need a strong, skillful attorney who understands the laws, protects your rights, and advocates vigorously to the court on your behalf when necessary. Nishit Patel has years of experience negotiating divorce settlements with opposing counsel, as well as representing divorce clients in court proceedings. He makes certain that you fully understand your rights and options before you make decisions on any issue in a divorce case. Nishit provides compassionate advice and sound counsel to help you navigate through every step of the process.

Equitable Division of Assets

Georgia law provides for equitable division of marital property, which includes both assets and debts. The rule means that property acquired during the marriage is divided equitably or fairly, which does not necessarily mean equally. While separate property of the spouses is not divided, distinguishing marital property from separate property sometimes creates problems in a divorce.

Equitable division of marital property includes all types of assets and debts, such as financial accounts (including retirement and pension plans and accounts owned by either spouse), personal and real property, business interests (ownership or otherwise), and all other marital assets. It is essential to identify all affected property before agreeing to a division between the spouses.

If you and your spouse own substantial property or have significant debt, protecting your rights in the equitable division process should be a paramount concern. Entering into an agreement on property division without getting legal advice is a serious mistake.

Depending on your circumstances, alimony also may be another financial issue that arises in your divorce. Georgia law authorizes judges to award alimony, payable during or after divorce, to either spouse. The court has wide discretion concerning alimony. Protecting your interests regarding alimony is another important reason to talk with a lawyer before you proceed with a divorce.

Child Custody and Child Support

Disagreements over child custody and child support often are the most difficult issues to resolve in a divorce case. As with property division, it is preferable to reach agreement with your spouse on these issues, rather than having a judge decide them for you. If the court decides these issues, you have no choice except to abide by the decision. Having a skillful lawyer represent you in settlement discussions is far more likely to lead to a result that addresses your most important concerns and needs.

Nishit Patel has an in-depth understanding of the complex Georgia laws that apply to child custody and child support. He also has years of experience negotiating divorce settlements involving custody and support issues, as well as litigating these issues before judges. If your divorce includes matters relating to child custody and child support, Nishit has the knowledge and skill to provide the guidance and advocacy necessary to successfully navigate through those issues.

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