Danté Jones is the client engagement specialist and paralegal at the firm. He assists Nishit Patel on all family law matters in the practice, helping to develop a personalized strategy for each client. In his client-facing role, he works closely with individual clients, getting to know them and understand their concerns and needs.

Danté has a deep appreciation for how a family law issue can have a traumatic effect on an individual’s life. He also knows that every situation is completely unique and requires individualized attention. In working with a client, Danté provides moral and emotional support, in addition to assisting with details relating to their legal matters. Through his hands-on approach, he strives to inspire and motivate clients by giving them the confidence to navigate through the legal process and succeed emotionally and financially after the legal issues are resolved.

Danté approaches his responsibilities with attention to detail and careful planning, which he believes can make the difference between success and failure. In combination with his persistence and can-do attitude, Danté’s work ethic and dedication provide broad-based support to clients at a difficult time in their lives. He is committed to each client’s long-term success and makes them feel that everyone at the firm is there to support them, even after the conclusion of their legal matter.

Outside the office, Danté devotes time to his family, and especially to his little sister. On account of her devastating experience with domestic violence, Danté now actively assists victims of similar tragedies. He also takes college courses to get his undergraduate degree in furtherance of his goal of attending law school. Danté has an artistic side too, which he expresses as a saxophonist and recording artist. He also might be a budding actor, after appearing as an extra in two movies, The Hate You Give and Nappily Ever After.