Enforcement and Modification of Orders

If you need to enforce or modify a family law court order, you can count on Atlanta family law attorney Nishit Patel to address the legal issues and help you navigate through the enforcement or modification process. With more than 15 years of experience in family law matters, Nishit provides his clients compassionate support and highly effective counsel in Georgia family law cases.

Experience and Approach

Nishit Patel established his own law firm to focus on providing personalized service and support to individuals facing family law issues. He provides legal services for all types of matters, including seeking enforcement or modification of an existing family law order or defending against an enforcement or modification action. Nishit’s extensive family law experience provides him with insightful understanding and compassion for the emotional difficulties and stress that post-order issues present for clients.

Regardless of what type of enforcement or modification issue a client faces, Nishit takes the time to understand the client’s circumstances in detail at the beginning of representation. He identifies every concern and need of the client before discussing options and strategies for proceeding. Throughout the whole process, he maintains close communication with the client to provide support and reassurance and answer questions as they arise.

Nishit’s substantial background enables him to help the client navigate seamlessly through matters relating to enforcement and modification or orders. He always makes certain that the client fully understands their legal rights before they make an informed decision on an issue. Whenever possible, Nishit resolves issues efficiently and effectively without needless conflict and stress. But if protecting his client’s interests requires going to court, he advocates fiercely and aggressively to safeguard the client’s interests.

Nishit is passionate about providing each client with the individualized attention and service they need and deserve. He draws on the full range of his experience to guide the client through every issue with meticulous care, providing sound advice and counsel throughout the entire process.

Modification of a Child Custody Order

After a court puts a child custody order in place, whether as part of a final divorce decree or otherwise, the terms of the order can only be changed through another order from the court. A party wishing to secure revisions must petition the court to request the changes. In some cases, both parties may agree to the changes and can submit a joint request accompanied by a revised custody agreement.

Generally, a Georgia court will only modify a custody order if there are material changes in circumstances that affect the interests and welfare of the child. In reviewing a modification request, the judge applies the same standards that were used to determine child custody in the initial order. The best interests of the child are always the central concern for the court. Even if there are significant changes in the circumstances, the judge may conclude that the original custody terms were in the child’s best interests and decline to make the requested changes.

When a court considers a petition to modify custody, the judge reviews all the terms of the original order, including those relating to physical custody and legal custody, as well as visitation. Any of the provisions may be changed, if the judge finds it is in the child’s best interests. Improved living conditions of the non-custodial spouse, an intention of the custodial spouse to relocate (or relocation of the non-custodial spouse), problems with visitation, remarriage, or concerns with the fitness of the custodial parent are examples of circumstances that may justify a change in the custody order terms.

In a proceeding relating to modification of a custody order, representation by an experienced custody attorney provides you with your best chance of success in the legal action. Atlanta family law attorney Nishit Patel has the right experience to represent you, whether you are considering initiating a petition for modification or defending against one filed by the child’s other parent.

Modification of a Child Support Order

If a parent’s financial situation changes after a child support order is entered by the court, the parent may request a modification of the order. Either parent may ask the court to modify the order based on income or financial changes or changes in the needs of a child.

Changing the amount of child support requires a court proceeding, in which the judge reviews all the same criteria considered before issuing the original order. Even if the parents agree on the changes, the court must modify the order to integrate the changes. An agreement that is not included in a court order will not be enforceable.

For all the reasons that legal representation is important in an initial action for child support, a parent wishing to seek modification of child support or defending against a modification request can best protect their interests and rights by being represented by an experienced attorney. Nishit Patel draws on his substantial family law background in representing clients petitions for child support modification.

Modifications to Alimony

Securing changes to an award of alimony also requires petitioning the court to modify the court order. A judge will only consider modifying an alimony order if there are substantial changes in the circumstances of one or both parties. For the same reasons that legal representation is important in the initial alimony determination, a person seeking modification or defending against a modification petition should also be represented by an experienced lawyer.

Enforcement Actions

If a person violates the provisions of any court order relating to custody, support, alimony, or other terms in a divorce decree, an enforcement action may be filed with the court. A judge has a broad range of enforcement options to use, depending on the circumstances of the violation. In some cases, violating a court order may even result in criminal penalties.

If you face a situation involving violations of a court order relating to a family law matter, you should talk with a family law attorney about your options for proceeding. Nishit Patel helps clients with all types of enforcement actions in family law matters, drawing on his in-depth understanding of Georgia laws and practices, as well as his extensive experience with court orders relating to custody, support, alimony, and divorce.

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