In Georgia, the biological father of a child born out of wedlock has no legal rights regarding the child. State law permits the father to file a petition for legitimation to ask the court to legitimate the child and grant the father legal rights. Atlanta family law attorney Nishit Patel has the experience and skill to represent a father or mother in a legitimation action. With more than 15 years of experience in family law matters, Nishit provides his clients compassionate support and highly effective counsel in Georgia legitimation cases.

Experience and Approach

Nishit Patel established his own law firm to provide personalized service and support to individuals facing family law issues in Georgia, including legitimation. Nishit’s extensive experience with family law matters provides him with insightful understanding and compassion for the emotional difficulties and stress that parenting issues present for clients.

In a Georgia legitimation matter, the court takes a wide range of circumstances into account in making a decision on a petition for legitimation. For that reason, Nishit takes the time to understand the client’s circumstances in detail at the beginning of representation. He identifies every concern and need of the client before discussing options and strategies for proceeding. Throughout representation, he maintains close communication with the client to provide support and reassurance and answer questions as they arise.

Nishit’s extensive family law background enables him to help the client navigate seamlessly through matters relating to legitimation. He always makes certain that the client fully understands their legal rights before they make an informed decision on an issue. Whenever possible, Nishit resolves issues efficiently and effectively without needless conflict and stress. But if protecting his client’s interests requires going to court, he advocates fiercely and aggressively to safeguard the client’s interests.

Nishit is passionate about providing each client with the individualized attention and service they need and deserve. He draws on the full range of his experience to guide the client through every issue with meticulous care, providing sound advice and counsel throughout the entire process.

Georgia Legitimation Laws

In Georgia, the father of a child born out of wedlock has the legal obligation to financially support the child but has no legal rights with regard to the child. A mother can enforce the support responsibility through a paternity action. A father wishing to obtain legal rights concerning the child, such as custody or visitation rights, may file a petition for legitimation with the court. In some situations, a legitimation petition may also be filed during another pending legal action, such as adoption or paternity.

A legitimation action enables a father to obtain rights relating to physical and legal custody, including visitation, of a child born out of wedlock. The court likely will also determine financial support for the child in the legitimation case. Legitimation is the only legal way for a father to obtain legal rights regarding a child born out of wedlock. Without a legitimation petition, only the child’s mother has legal rights concerning the child.

A judge does not automatically grant a legitimation request after a petition is filed. The court only grants the request if the judge concludes that legitimation is in the child’s best interests. Many factors go into making the decision. If the court determines that legitimation is in the child’s best interests, the judge makes a separate determination concerning the petitioner’s request for physical or legal custody or visitation rights.

The child’s mother has the right to receive notice of the petition, to attend the hearing, and to object to the legitimation request. A legitimation petition is usually filed in Superior Court in the county where the mother resides.

In some cases, the mother and father of a child can agree on legitimation, and the terms of custody and visitation, and submit a plan to the judge for review. If the parents cannot agree, the judge makes the decisions on all the issues concerning the child after gathering evidence relating through a hearing.

Legal Representation in a Petition for Legitimation

If you are a father wishing to initiate a petition for legitimation or a mother defending a petition filed by the child’s father, representation by an experienced family law attorney is essential. The Georgia laws that apply to legitimation, child custody, and child support are extremely complex. Your lawyer makes certain that you are fully informed concerning your legal rights and that the proper steps are taken to protect those rights.

Nishit Patel has the legal knowledge and experience to provide highly effective representation and advocacy on your behalf in a legitimation case. He draws on his years of experience with the full range of the issues to provide you with the counsel, guidance, and support necessary to help you successfully navigate through the matter.

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